I was listening to Creflo Dollar the other day on TBN. He said we should stop trying to get God to do what He’s already done. He used the analogy that God has already put the fish in the pond, but we have to use our faith, “the fishing pole,” to get what has already been done for us. This includes healing, deliverance, or any of God’s promises. They already exist in the spirit realm, “beneath the surface of the water,” so to speak.

Initially, I began to think, if faith is the fishing pole, which includes the line and the reel, then hope must be the hook. If you have ever been fishing, and had a fish to bite, you probably got a rush of excitement. The fish wasn’t in the boat yet, but you rejoiced in the possibility. The hook was instrumental in your being able to feel that tug on the line. When you feel the tug, then you get hopeful that you will be eating that night. Therefore, to get what God has appropriated, we must make sure we have a hook. How can you catch fish without a hook? Therefore, keep hope alive.

Secondly, If hope is the hook, then the worm on the hook is our confession. The worm is the bait which draws the fish. Your confession draws “stuff” to you either for good or for bad. If you have a negative confession, you will draw negative events into your life. If you have a positive confession you will draw positive events. Let’s keep a positive confession so that we can draw those blessings to us that God has stored up for us.

Finally, fishing requires that we take action. Faith without works is dead.  When we fish, we must put the worm on the hook. We must drop the line in the water. We must reel in the catch when the fish takes the bait and bites down on that hook. Therefore, if we have faith, let us move out in what we believe. Let’s make preparations for what we believe God will do for us.

It’s time to “Go Fish,” Beloved. God has promised to meet every one of your needs. He has already filled the pond with everything that you will ever need spiritually. He will do His part if you will do your part. Bait that hook, drop that line, and reel in the biggest blessing you can imagine. You may have to fight with that big fish for a while, but with the help of the Holy Spirit, you can and will get that fish in the boat and enjoy a satisfying meal, courtesy of God, Jehovah Jireh, Himself.


What are you “fishin’” for these days? What are you believing God to do for you? Leave a comment below.


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