Today I want to talk to you about one of the painful realities of life: rejection. As Christians, we will experience rejection because of our faith in Jesus Christ. We will be rejected by people at times and experience the loss of a relationship. However, we need to maintain a proper perspective if we are to maintain our identity in Christ. Rejection becomes a major problem when we wrongly interpret what rejection means for us. In order to combat the effects of rejection, we must know who we are in Christ on such a deep level that no one can alter our view of ourselves, which should be based on God’s view of us. Therefore, we need to make sure we have the proper view of rejection. Instead of thinking that the rejection means there is something wrong with us, here are some alternative thoughts that will help us to keep rejection in its proper context:

1) God has to remove idols. God says in Exodus 20 that we should have no other gods before Him. If He sees that a person in your life is becoming too important, and you are looking to that person to meet needs you should only be looking to the Lord to meet, then He is obligated to remove that person from your life. It’s not about your worth or value.

2) God will remove spiritual threats. Any person that causes us to not be our best for Christ is a demonic distraction and a spiritual hindrance. God may remove people who cause you to backslide or sin against Him. He will remove them because they are a spiritual threat that will keep you from staying vitally connected to your God.

3) God removes hindrances to the fulfillment of our destiny. If a person is going to derail your destiny, God has to remove that individual so His plan for your life can come to full fruition. Sometimes perceived rejection is about Him removing certain people to make room for those who are predestined to usher you into your destiny.

So you see, rejection doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. However, that is what the devil would have you believe because your identity in Christ would be in jeopardy, and you would never be able to fulfill the purpose and plan God has for you. You must remember that you are the righteousness of God, and no one can take that with them when they walk out of your life.  

Think about it: if God wants to separate you from someone either one of three things has to happen: 1) you must walk away, 2) they must walk away or 3) somebody has to die. If you refuse to walk away, then God has to remove the person, but that doesn’t mean that your worth and value are in question. Therefore, we need to take our thoughts up to another level and view God as the Master Chess Player Who moves people in and out of our lives at will. We can’t allow the enemy to bombard us with lies, condemnation, and shame. We must view rejection from God’s perspective if we want to stay peaceful when people exit our lives. 

What are your thoughts about rejection? What are some of the ways you have dealt with it in your life?

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