Have you ever had your identity stolen? If you have, you know what a headache it is to restore your credit. Your credit score gets messed up. You have creditors calling you about charges you don’t know anything about. Some people have the police come after them for illegal activity that some knucklehead decided to engage in. You have to get a new credit card and call every creditor with payments connected to your card. It’s awful, isn’t it? Likewise, the enemy of your soul seeks to commit spiritual identity theft on a daily basis. He is out to steal your identity in Christ so that you will never be able to fulfill the plan and purpose God has for you.

Our spiritual identity rests on seven pillars. We have to know that in God’s eyes we are 1) Unequivocally righteous, 2) Unconditionally loved, 3) Totally accepted, 4) Completely approved, 5)Wildly blessed, 6) Highly favored and 7) Infinitely valuable. Therefore, as you can imagine, it’s extremely important that we hang on to who we are in Christ no matter what situations arise in life. We have to know who we are (and whose we are) on such a deep level that nothing can shake it. Therefore, to keep the devil from stealing your identity, you must employ similar tactics used to keep people from stealing your earthly identity. Here are three anti-identity theft strategies that are analogous to what needs to be done in the spirit to avoid spiritual identity theft:

  1. Guard your personal information. Be careful to protect your social security number and other personal information so that criminals will not use be able to use them to your disadvantage. In the same way, you must be on guard in the spirit. The Bible says in Proverbs 4:23 (NIV), “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” That means that that you need to pay attention to what you allow into your ear and eye gates. Also, be careful who you allow into your inner circle.
  2. Lock your credit report down with a credit report freeze. When someone steals your identity, one of the first things you need to do is to submit an online credit report freeze request for each of the three major credit bureaus. Likewise, you must have the Word of God “on lockdown” in your heart. Hide the Word in your heart, know it like the back of your hand, and be fully persuaded that God’s Word is true.
  3. Check your credit report on a regular basis. To minimize the damage that identity thieves can do to your credit, it’s imperative that you check each of your credit reports with the 3 credit bureaus at least once per year. In the same manner, whenever the enemy tries to steal your identity in Christ by using people or situations to get you to alter the way you view yourself, you need to examine any thoughts that don’t line up with the Word of God. You must cast those thoughts down! Don’t even entertain them!

Beloved, refuse to let the enemy steal your identity. Take steps to make sure you are fully persuaded about what God says about you. Refuse to see yourself through the eyes of people and the circumstances the devil presents to you. You must do what you can to keep your spiritual identity intact because, if you don’t, you will never fulfill your destiny in Christ. Don’t let it happen to you!

Have you ever experienced spiritual identity theft? What did you do to recover? Please leave a comment below.

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Photo by freedooom via Freedigitalphotos.net

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