I have got some exciting news I’d like to share with you! I am on the verge of publishing my third book!! YES! Praise the Lord! It was a hard-fought battle, and it took me a few years to push this little book out, but I finally got it completed. To God be the glory!

The title of the book is Keeping Christ in Christmas: Thought-provoking Ideas for Making Jesus the Center of Your Child’s Christmas Holiday. My purpose in writing this book is to show parents and their children a unique way to experience a more Christ-centered Christmas holiday. Jesus is the reason for the season, and since Christmas is the celebration of HIS birthday, I present some novel ideas in the book that I believe will help families to have very merry Christmas with Jesus securely anchored as the focal point. My goal is to remind readers of the real meaning of Christmas and introduce them to a unique holiday alternative that will result in Jesus getting the full attention and glory He deserves during Advent.


I really believe God wants to use my book Keeping Christ in Christmas to relay a message to the body of Christ. However, if that message is to go far and wide, I am going to need your help! If you join my launch team, here’s what you’ll get:

  1. I will send you an electronic version of Keeping Christ in Christmas, and you will get the chance to read my book before the rest of the world.
  2. At the end of the launch, if you have posted a review of the book on Amazon.com, you’ll also get an electronic version of my second book, The Exceptional Man: Love Poems and Inspirational Writings Celebrating Godly Men and Great Relationships.
  3. You will have the opportunity to tune into my complimentary exclusive online Poetic Growth Gathering, where I share poetry from my first book Oasis for My Soul: Poems and Inspirational Writings for Spiritual and Personal Growth and facilitate thought-provoking group discussions. This will include a question and answer session where you can ask me questions about myself and my books. (Date and time TBD)


So what does becoming a member of my launch team entail? These are the possible ways you can be a blessing and help me to share the ideas God gave me:

  1. Read the book by November 1st. (It’s a quick read with large print and only about 90+ pages long.)
  2. Download a $.99 Kindle copy of the book after the book goes live after November 1st and encourage those you know to do the same. 
  3. Write an honest review of the book and post it on Amazon.com on or after November 3, 2020. I will be trying to get as many reviews on Amazon as I can before the launch date on Saturday, November 14th. 
  4. Help me to come up with promotional ideas that we as a team can implement.
  5. Order a copy of the book (paperback or Kindle), take a photo of yourself holding up the book or your tablet (with the book cover showing), and post it on your social media platforms.
  6. Think of at least three Christian parents with small children that you know and tell them about the book or purchase a copy for them.
  7. Share news about the book, book quotes, and your personal thoughts about the book in written, video, or audio format on your social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, blog, podcast, etc.); I will send emails with content you can easily cut and paste or upload.
  8. Let me know if you pick up on any errors I need to fix before the book launches in November. 
  9. Introduce me to people you may know who have a need for a speaker or poet for their event.

I understand that you may not be able to help me with all of the above items, but anything that you can or would be willing to do would certainly be appreciated. I would love to have you on my team! And even if you’re not able to participate, any fervent prayers that you send up asking for God’s favor and the success of the book would be appreciated.


If you’d like to help me get this urgent message out to parents, positively impact the spiritual lives of children, and help Jesus to enjoy His birthday even more as we strive to keep Him at the center of it all, please leave me a comment below and let me know if you’d be willing to run with me! I will send you a future follow-up email with your electronic version of the book for you to read at your leisure, and I will give you information about the next step in the process.
Thanks for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you! May God bless you REAL good!


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