The other day, I made a mistake. I hate making mistakes, but I guess the positive outcome is that every time my humanity manifests, God gives me the opportunity to reflect and get a deeper revelation and a clearer view of how He sees things. That means I learn new lessons. Unfortunately, during that incident, it took me hours to learn the lesson and get out of the condemnation. But I can say I have come a long way because I got out of it in less than a day. I use to take days, sometimes weeks back in the early days of my life. Thank God, for spiritual growth!

Below I have listed some things God has shown me or reinforced in my thinking during this bout with condemnation. My goal is just to remind you of some things that will help in the time of testing. We all will be tested in this area, and we need to keep the following in the forefront of our minds if we are going to win the battle:

  1. The Origin.  We may call it “self-condemnation,” but we should remember it’s actually “satanic-condemnation” because as you well know, it originates from the devil. He injects negative thoughts into our minds and fools us into thinking they’re our thoughts so we will not wage a counter-attack. Therefore, the first step to nullifying condemnation is to fully recognize its origin.
  2. The Idolatry. We must also recognize when we accept the enemy’s condemnation and accept it as our own by agreeing with him, we have slipped into IDOLATRY. Condemnation is a form of idolatry because it’s an attempt to punish ourselves for our own sins or pay the penalty for our own sin apart from Jesus’ death on the cross. It’s an attempt to appropriate our own righteousness.
  3. The Consequences. There are unfortunate consequences that come with condemnation that should motivate us to fight against it with all we have. Condemnation pollutes our spirit with negative emotions. We fail to receive God’s best when we lose faith because we don’t think we deserve anything from God. We try to hide from God unless we deliberately make an effort to overcome this human tendency. Finally, the anointing of the Holy Spirit is shut down in our lives. Accepting satan’s condemnation is simply not worth it.
  4. The Remedy. Since condemnation is a renegade thought from the devil run amok, we must cast down condemning thoughts, bringing them into captivity to the obedience of Christ as stated in 2 Corinthians 10:5. Furthermore, we must deliberately think thoughts about our righteousness which are clearly stated in the Word of God (2 Corinthians 5:21) and speak these thoughts out of our mouth. If we have to say “I am the righteousness of God” a hundred times before the condemnation loses its grip, then that is what we must do.

Therefore, when condemnation comes, we must recognize where it’s coming from, and make a conscious decision to refuse to engage in idolatry. We must keep in mind the negative consequences that will ensue if we don’t deal with it effectively and rebuke the devil. Finally, we need to take the thoughts of condemnation captive, replacing them with the Word of God, speaking the Word out of our mouths, and plead the blood over our minds. We have got to learn to forgive ourselves quickly and keep it movin’. Joyce Meyer put it this way: “Climb out of the pit and skip the guilt trip.” That’s truly God’s desire is for us.

How do you combat condemnation? Please leave a comment below.

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