Bored Business Man

Have you ever been bored? Now that we have been quarantined and have been ordered by the government to “shelter in place” because of the Coronavirus pandemic, our avenues for entertainment have been effectively shut down. We can’t go to the places we use to go or do what we use to do. We are now gathered together with family members in our residence, or if single and living alone,  maybe isolated from our family and friends all together. One of the by-products of this unprecedented situation we find ourselves in is that we may become bored. I define boredom as being disinterested in what’s going on around us in the current moment. Have you become bored during this shut-in?

If you are currently experiencing boredom, a good question to ask during this time is, “Why am I bored?” Why are some people bored, and others are never bored? I’d like to submit to you that boredom may be a natural by-product of the following life situations:

1)      Lack of Productivity. Therefore, one remedy for boredom is to vigorously go after the dream God put in your heart. Has God told you to do something, and you have failed to act on it? Do you know what gifts God has given you to impact this world for Christ? Have you discovered your purpose and are you actively pursuing it with everything you’ve got? When you do whatever the Master is directing you to do to fulfill the plan and purpose for which He created you (Jeremiah 29:11), boredom can be kept at bay.

2)      Lack of Growth. What is your plan for growth? What will you do to be better than you are by this time next year? You must set a goal for which to aim, and then write down the goal and the strategy you will use to accomplish it. You must be about the business of becoming all you can be in Christ if you want to live a life without boredom.

3)      Lack of meaningful connections to God and/or others. Some people may be saved, but they have little intimacy with God. Others may have lives void of intimate relationships with others. I believe that people who have only superficial relationships crave the richness and emotional depth intimate relationships offer, and the discontent they experience sometimes manifests as boredom. Therefore, if you are battling boredom, seek to improve the intimacy in your relationships with God and others. Spending time with God everyday fellowshipping with Him in the Word is one of the best ways to battle boredom. Seek God for emotional healing if needed, and ask Him to remove whatever is causing you to maintain the emotional walls you may have erected that keep Him and others at an emotional distance.

To summarize, I personally believe boredom is the soul’s expression of utter discontent with a lack of productivity, growth, and/or connection to God and people. If you want to avoid boredom, be productive for the Kingdom. Seek to grow and become the best Christian you can be. Stay connected to God and others in a meaningful way. The Christian life is by no means boring. It’s one of the most exciting lifestyles imaginable when we keep God at the center, follow His instructions, and stay in His will.

How do you combat boredom? Please leave a comment below.

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