DON'T PANIC (MASK) Photo by Tonik on Unsplash

Beloved, this global pandemic has required us to drastically change our way of life. The coronavirus crisis has struck fear in the hearts of people everywhere, even some Christians. Surely, we should be concerned about our health and the potential of the dreaded virus to cause sickness and death, but we should not wallow in fear like the rest of the world. Why? Because we have a God Who is our refuge and our fortress (Psalm 91:2) He is the Difference Maker. That is why we can maintain a position of concern and not let our emotions mushroom into full-blown fear.

What is the difference between fear and concern? This is very important to know so that we can maintain a position of faith throughout this ordeal and come out on the other side of it alive. Therefore, Let’s take a look at the characteristics of each, then you can make a determination as to whether you are simply concerned or in fear.


Hopefully, as you read this you do not have the coronavirus. However, if you fear getting the disease, this is what you might be experiencing:

  • Your thoughts are continuously preoccupied with evil forebodings or extremely negative thoughts about the fact that you could indeed contract the coronavirus.
  • You may have negative emotions of depression, hopelessness, anxiety, or feelings of continuous stress.
  • You are anxious to the point where you may lose sleep or your appetite, or you overeat to cope with your negative feelings, setting the stage for your immune system to be compromised and sickness and disease to come upon you.
  • You see the threat of the coronavirus as a clear and present danger, although you don’t know for sure that you have been exposed to the virus, or you don’t have any symptoms manifesting at this time.
  • You have irrational fears due to feelings of not having any control over whether you contract the disease or not, and you fail to factor in the sovereignty of God Who is in control of your life.


Concern, however, is far different from fear. If you are simply concerned, this is what you are probably experiencing:

  • You refuse to let thoughts about contracting the coronavirus dominate your thought life.
  • Your daily activities of eating and sleeping remain unaffected.
  • You have peace and joy in spite of what is going on, and you are believing that you will not contract the virus because you are standing in faith on the Word of God.
  • You view the coronavirus crisis as a potential danger, not a clear and present danger.
  • You see yourself as having some control over whether you get sick or not, and you conduct yourself accordingly by taking the proper measures as prescribed by the governmental entities, and you are aware that God is ultimately in control of your life and what happens to you.

So you see Beloved, fear and concern are very different in nature. Are you concerned, or are you in fear? Know that how you respond to this crisis will determine your end result. Job 3:25 relays, “The thing I greatly feared has come upon me.” That is why we must be careful not to let concern morph into fear. I pray that you will stay in faith and not let fear get the best of you. A healthy concern is necessary, but fear must be cast down if we are to get through this situation with a powerful testimony that will ultimately draw unbelievers to the Savior.

How are you dealing with the spirit of fear during this coronavirus crisis? Please leave a comment below.

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Photo by Tonik on Unsplash

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