Two Apples

Recently, I received a strong rebuke from the Lord about comparing myself to others. I was watching a television program on TBN one day, and I saw a spoken word poet I had never seen before. I looked her up on YouTube and saw how amazing she was. I began to compare my poems to hers. Of course, I judged my poems as less powerful than hers, and needless to say, discouragement began to set in. I’m just being transparent.

The Holy Spirit stepped in and intervened, thank God. He asked me, “Who gave her those words?” I replied, You.” He went on, “Who gave you the words to the poems you write?” I replied, “You.” He then with a quickness said, “How dare you disparage My work, the words I have given you! Do not EVER compare the gifts and talents I have given you to those I have given to others! I am the author of those words, not you. Don’t ever forget that.”

Whew! I had to repent. I had fallen into the devil’s comparison trap. I am sharing this with you because perhaps you have compared your gifts to those of others as well. An example of this can be seen in John 21:18-22 where after hearing a negative prophecy about his own future, Peter attempted to compare himself to John by asking Jesus what would happen in John’s future. Jesus said to him, “What is that to you? You follow me.” Therefore, I feel that it’s important for us to understand how God views the comparison of our spiritual gifts and talents that have been distributed amongst His children. These are some other truths God shared with me that day:

  • Comparison creates disunity. “When you compare yourself to your brothers and sisters, you are competing and therefore creating disunity in the body of Christ. When there is disunity versus unity, I cannot command a blessing upon My people (Psalm 133:1-3). Your competitive spirit impedes My flow.”
  • Comparison is a distraction. “I am the giver of gifts. Whatever gifts others may have, I gave them to those individuals. I also gave you your gifts. Their gifts are not better than yours. They are just different. I need all of you to operate in your gifts that I have given in order to accomplish My will on earth. If I choose to flow them in a different manner (not better, just different), what is that to you? You must keep your eyes on Me. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted.”
  • Comparison is an insult. “When you compare your gifts and talents to others and judge them as inferior, I am insulted. Do not fall prey to the devil’s temptation to compare your gifts and talents to those I have bestowed upon others. Never belittle what I have given you.”

Saints, if by chance you have been comparing yourself to others, please stop it. Paul said that when we compare ourselves with others we are not being wise (2 Corinthians 10:12). The reason comparison is not wise is because there are only two outcomes: Pride or discouragement. Therefore, why even go there in the first place? If you want to compare yourself to someone, make Jesus your standard. We should be striving to be better than we were yesterday, not comparing ourselves and competing against one another. If you want to compete against someone, compete against yourself. Stop comparing yourself to others, and follow Christ. Remember, if we want to succeed in this life, then we must keep a laser-like focus on Jesus all the way to glory.

How has the “comparison trap” affected your life? Please leave a comment below. 



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