I’m back! I had some glorious downtime during the month of July, and now I am ready to get back in the swing of things. I feel like I have made some progress in my spiritual and emotional life over the past month, and what I want to share with you today is a revelation that God gave me during my time off.

Do you have goals and dreams in your heart that God has given you to accomplish? Have you ever felt frustrated because you can’t seem to make progress toward those God-given goals and dreams? I know I have. And if you don’t find out why that is, then you will never fulfill the purpose for which God put you on the planet.


How do you make things happen? I once read, “If it’s really important to you, you will find a way. If it’s not, you’ll find an excuse.” Have you been finding excuses? I had to get in my prayer closet recently and really process this situation that was happening in my own life. I asked, “Lord, why am I not moving toward my goals? Why can’t I seem to get anything done that pertains to my dreams?” I do get things done, mind you. I have a “to-do list” that I make every day. I’m a list person. It seemed like the things on the list were urgent and necessary to keep my life going. They were important. However, my goals and dreams are important, but in my mind, apparently not as urgent as the things on my daily to-do list. The reason those things having nothing to do with my purpose were getting done and marked off my to-do list is that I made them a PRIORITY.


If we are going to get our goals and dreams accomplished, then somehow, we have to make them a PRIORITY. When I talked to God about this and scoured the internet trying to find different perspectives, at the end of my quest, God said these words to me: “You are going to have to make your purpose as urgent as those daily tasks that you are giving the utmost priority on your to-do list.” He went on to say that I have to treat my purpose as sacred and let my life revolve around Him. That purpose He gave me had to become a part of my decision to put Him first in ALL things, especially this area. After all, He put the dreams and goals in me in the first place. As Jesus said in Matthew 6:33, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.”

The same way I give priority with spending time with God each day, going to church each Sunday and Bible Study each Tuesday, I have to elevate my dreams and goals to that level. After all, God gave me those dreams. They ARE sacred. The purpose of those dreams is to glorify God and expand the Kingdom. They SHOULD  be given first place above the mundane things of life that were stealing from my ability to do what needs to complete my God-given assignment here on earth.


Have you ever seen that demonstration where there are big rocks put in a jar and then sand is poured in to fill in the small spaces? That is what God was telling me. I have to put in the big rocks of quiet time, church, Bible study, and my purpose FIRST, then fill in the other spaces with the other “urgent” matters that constitute daily living. Therefore, now as an extension of my quiet time, I am making the decision to give two hours a day to work on things that pertain to my purpose at least three days a week. I figure if I put my word out there, I’d be more apt to follow through. My purpose has now become “a big rock.”

If you have been having trouble doing what God has called you to do, I encourage you to put in “the big rocks first.” Elevate your purpose to a sacred status. If you don’t, you will get to the end of your life and be filled with regret. If you do, you’ll get to heaven and be able to hear God tell you, “Well done, my good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord.”

What goals and dreams have you not accomplished because you need to reset your priorities? Please leave a comment below. 

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