If you have trouble forgiving yourself sometimes, I’d like to share a poem with you that I wrote called, “Make Peace with Your Past.” This is so important because God can not use you if shame has you bound. So take yourself off of the cross. Jesus paid your penalty. Forgive yourself and make peace with your past!

© 2016 by Tracey L. Moore

The past is over; the dark moment is gone,
Remember the lesson, forget the past and move on.
There’s no condemnation to those hid in Christ,
Even if you have made a mess of your life.
Satan is the accuser, for that is his job,
His goal is to deceive you and fully rob
You of the good life that God has planned for you,
Don’t let him defeat you; his words are untrue.
He’s the father of lies, and he means you no good,
Receive God’s grace like a child of God should,
Pick yourself up and dust yourself off,
Embrace what Jesus has done on the cross.

You’ve got to move forward, refuse to look back,
Hold on to God’s love and keep firmly on track.
Know that you are steeped in His righteousness,
In spite of what happened, He says you are blessed.
Stop looking in the rearview mirror of life,
Look through the windshield; Jesus paid the price,
So drive forward into your God-given destiny,
It’s time to move on; it’s time to be free.

For God has forgiven you, He’s faithful and just,
All you have to do is just put your trust
In God, and hold tightly to His unchanging hand,
And courageously move towards the Promised Land.
It’s time to forgive yourself; God’s done so already,
Keep your eyes on the prize and prepare to hold steady.

Make peace with your past; make peace with yourself,
Don’t you dare allow Satan to put you on the shelf!
You’ve got gifts and talents! God wants to use you!
With everything in you, His Kingdom pursue,
But God cannot use you bound up by shame,
You must shake off the chains in Jesus’ name!

Don’t worry about what the haters may say,
Just expect God to make a way out of no way,
For people are quick to throw dirt in your face,
Don’t let it distract you, keep running your race.
When God’s ready to use you, your past doesn’t matter,
Ignore people’s thoughts and their negative chatter,
God will use the foolish things to confound the wise,
Those who finish the race shall indeed get the prize.

So keep pressing forward towards the mark
Of the high calling in Christ, don’t stay in the dark,
Or allow the forces of evil to keep you bound,
Every stronghold of Satan, you’ve got to pull down.
It’s time to move on, let yourself off the hook,
Don’t even give your past a second look.
Though you had a setback, you’ll make up for lost time,
For the grace and mercy of God is so sublime.
Yes, the last shall be first and the first shall be last,
So lay down the guilt and make peace with your past.


If you can identify with the poem, share your thoughts with me and leave a comment below.


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