Dry Cracked Ground - Gualberto107

Have you ever felt spiritually dry? Maybe you have lost your appetite for the things of God. Perhaps you are feeling like there is distance between you and the Master. Do you long for the intimacy you formerly had with the Father? Do you feel as if your prayers are hitting the ceiling? You may be in a spiritual dry spell.

I don’t believe that we have to go through spiritual dry spells. Honestly, I feel that we play a big part in bringing them upon ourselves. Recently I heard Joyce Meyer say that God is an expert at playing “Hide and Seek” at times, and He does that so we will pursue Him more and come up to a higher level in our walk with Christ. So how do we know if God is playing “Hide and Seek” or we have a bad case of spiritual dehydration? To diagnose the problem, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

1. Have I been regularly feasting on the Word and forgoing a regular diet of spiritual junk food (e.g., CNN, Lifetime, movies with questionable themes, romance novels, etc.)?
2. When the Holy Spirit prompts me to take action and make right choices about what to do with my time, do I promptly obey (e.g., “Cut off the TV and spend time with Me.” “Fast and pray.” “Don’t listen to that song.” “Get up early and read the Word.” “Time to go to Bible Study.”)?                                                                             3. Do I have a regular quiet time with God and spend time in His presence silently waiting on Him and meditating on His Word?
4. When I feel my passion about the things of God wane, do I push past my feelings and continue to pursue God more?
5. Have I prayed and asked God directly to give me a hunger for Him and His Word?
6. Have I confessed and repented of all known sin in my life?
7. Am I totally depending on God, renouncing self-sufficiency, and trusting Him for what I need and want?
8. Have I forgiven everyone who has hurt or offended me (including myself or God)?

If you long for the intimacy between you and your heavenly Father that you have had in times past, but can honestly say “yes” to these questions, and the Holy Spirit is not convicting you about anything, then it’s safe to say God is playing “Hide and Seek.” He wants you to pursue Him more passionately in spite of whether you feel His presence or not. He is possibly attempting to stretch you spiritually, rid you of the tendency to depend on your feelings or yourself, and/or encourage you to walk by faith.

However, if you are feeling spiritually dry, and the above as a checklist has revealed some areas where you could come up a little higher, you can immediately take action. Once you identify the necessary remedy, you can make right choices and take steps needed to escape the spiritual wilderness. Then how sweet it will be when you regain your fervency for the things of God, experience the joy of His presence, and become saturated with the His Spirit once again.

Have you ever had a spiritual dry spell?  What did you learn while you were in the wilderness? Please leave a comment below. 


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