I recently listened to a great CD teaching by financial guru, Gary Keesee, author of Fixing the Money Thing. The title was, “I Want to Know: What Is My Purpose?” I wish I would have had this information when I started out my spiritual journey many years ago! I would have avoided a lot of confusion, stress, and frustration.

Gary makes the following important points:

  1. God made you, so if you want to know your purpose, get to know Him.
  2. He gradually unfolds the mystery of your purpose so that the devil won’t be able to derail your destiny. Therefore, get comfortable with not knowing exactly what it is until He unveils it in His timing.
  3. What you are going through currently is training and preparation for you to lay hold to the purpose for which God created you.
  4. What you do with the insignificant things He is asking you to do during the preparation phase will determine when your purpose will be revealed. You must successfully endure the insignificant if you ever want to walk in the significance of your destiny.
  5. God will lead you to a place of service, and you are to do what He asks for a season until He gives you further instructions. This pattern is repeated over and over until He knows you are ready to have your purpose revealed to you.
  6. Be faithful to whatever God has instructed you to do in the now. Carry out your assignment with excellence where you are.
  7. He will reveal your purpose when you have been prepared and made ready to walk in it.

After I heard these ideas, I was able to exhale. All the frustration and questions I had could have been avoided had I known this paradigm. This explained everything that I have gone through, and then soon after I heard this teaching, while I was walking on my treadmill, God spoke to me about my own purpose. He relayed to me that purpose is four-fold. Three parts of purpose are generalized to all believers. We are all called to do the following right now, no matter where we are in our spiritual journey:

  1. Glorify God. People should be able to look at our lives as a testimony to the existence of God. We were created to point people to the Master.
  2. Share the Gospel. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:28) applies to every believer. We need to purpose in our hearts to be ready to share the Gospel with others on a daily basis.
  3. Fund the Kingdom. We are to use our God-given resources to fund the expansion of the Kingdom and make sure that the Gospel is relayed to the masses.

However, the fourth aspect of realizing divine purpose is specific. As a believer, you are called to use the gifts and talents God deposited in you to enhance the lives of others. Therefore, you must wait for God to specifically reveal the following:

  1. God-given gifts and talents within you;
  2. The niche or group of individuals you are called to serve with those gifts and talents;
  3. The platform that He will use to enable you to effectively share those gifts and talents with others to make their lives better.

So if you are confused and frustrated about your purpose, put your mind at rest. God is faithful, and He will reveal the specifics to you little by little. He will lead and guide you by His Spirit through His customized training program. Be faithful where He has placed you, and in His timing, when you are ready, your purpose will be revealed.

Where are you on your spiritual journey with regards to your purpose? If you know your purpose, what was the process by which God revealed it to you? Please leave a comment below.


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