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The New Year is upon us, and many of us have made New Year’s Resolutions. In other words, we have set some new goals for the year. Every year I sit down on January 1, review my goals from the previous year, and write out my goals for the current year. Some of the goals I reach, but many of them I don’t. That is so frustrating! I want this year to be different, so I’ve got to make some changes. Are you with me? Would you like to reach more of your goals this year? Please read on.

One of the first and best things we can and should do before we set any goals is to pray. Instead of making a New Year’s Resolution, make a New Year’s Petition to the Holy Spirit to help you to set proper goals and reach them. Without His help, nothing will change. If we don’t rely on Him and try to change ourselves, we are destined for failure.

The poem cited below is one that I wrote about making New Year’s petitions instead of resolutions, and it’s entitled A New Year’s Petition.  I pray it will bless and inspire you.


When we make New Year’s resolutions,

We vow to make a change

In how we’ve done things all along,

But this truth will still remain:

A New Year’s resolution

Will never come to pass

Without the help of the Spirit

To make new behaviors last.

For only He can help us

To change our ways that shame.

For without Him we are powerless,

We are destined to stay the same.

So as you enter this New Year,

Don’t make resolutions galore.

Just make a New Year’s petition,

And don’t fool yourself anymore.

Humbly ask God to change you,

Then let the Spirit move.

Keep reading the Word and praying,

Let change without effort ensue.

For God alone can help us

To be all that we can be,

Only whom the Son sets free

Is truly free, indeed.

If you will start this brand-new year

With a fresh, new attitude,

With positive thoughts, and a mind renewed;

It will end with a brand-new you.

 ©2012 by Tracey L. Moore

What New Year’s Petitions are you asking the Lord to help you with? Leave a comment below.

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