Have you ever had someone you trusted betray you? Maybe you needed help and they weren’t there for you.  Now you have a wound in your soul you have to deal with, and you’re struggling with forgiveness issues. As I’m sure you well know, Jesus said that when a brother sins against you, you must forgive them seventy times seven (Matthew 18:22). Sometimes that’s very difficult, but here some thoughts to ponder that will help you to make the decision to forgive and continue moving toward your destiny:

It’s not about you. When someone betrays you, sins against you, or fails you in some way, you must realize it’s not about you. You really need to be thankful because they have just revealed something to you that you needed to know. Maybe they have a character flaw, but at least you now know that.  If they are not for you, you need to know that. Maybe they are in competition with you on some level. Thank God it’s been exposed so that you can plead the blood over yourself and make divine connections with people who God has ordained to help you to reach your destiny.  My point is this: don’t take it personally. What’s going on inside of them is the reason they have responded to you the way they have responded.

God’s plan cannot be thwarted. Whatever they did or did not do, you need to understand that God’s plan cannot be thwarted. (Job 42:2) God can use anyone He wants to get His plans accomplished in your life. That’s His prerogative because He’s sovereign. When you get mad because someone didn’t help you or betrayed you (or whatever it was they did), you are bucking against God’s decision to not use that person or His decision to use that person for another purpose you don’t yet understand. Maybe He wants to accomplish spiritual growth in you. Whatever the case may be, you need to know that God can use any means He chooses to get His plan accomplished in your life, and He can go around people who appear to not be cooperating with that plan.

That’s your cue to pray. When people offend you, sometimes it is just a communication that they are battling their own demons. They have issues that are driving them, and they may not even be aware of them. Therefore, hurtful behavior should be taken as your cue to pray. Hurting people need our prayers. They are probably wrestling with something that is bigger than they are capable of handling on their own. We all need people to pray for us at times. When someone has come against you in a negative way, the most loving thing you can do for them is pray.

The way you think about the situation will determine how profoundly it will affect you. When people sin against you with words or deeds and you get offended, many times, whatever it was that they did, in reality, does not really harm you emotionally unless you interpret it improperly.  It is the negative interpretation of the event that puts a wound in your soul. If Isaiah 54:17 states that “No weapon formed against you shall prosper,” and Luke 10:19 says, “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall by any means hurt you,” then you can indeed live above the enemy’s onslaughts through people.  You simply must know who you are in Christ and be firmly rooted and grounded in regards to your worth and value. People’s words and deeds cannot hurt you when you refuse to allow the work of the enemy through them to define who you are. Romans 8:28 says that God will make sure that everything works for your good anyway.

So when someone in your life betrays you or did not respond in a way you expected, you don’t have to allow that to wound your soul and thwart your progress toward your destiny.  Your job is to forgive, love, bless, pray for, and do good to those who come against you according to the Word (Matthew 5:44). When you realize it’s not about you, that God’s plan cannot be thwarted, and think of the situation from the perspective of God’s Word, you can rise above their words and actions and fulfill God’s ultimate plan for your life.

How have you successfully handled an offense? What steps will you take to ward off offense in your life? Leave a comment below.


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