Christmas gift in Red Box by Naito8

Christmas time is upon us, and I just wanted to spread some Christmas cheer! Since it is Jesus’ birthday, I thought about some gifts He would love to receive and wrote them in the poem below. Ponder and enjoy!

Copyright 2015 by Tracey L. Moore

What do you get for Someone Who has everything?
What can you give to the King of kings?
I have some ideas, and there are more than a few,
Here are the top ten Birthday gifts Jesus would love to receive from you:

Number ten is the avoidance of strife with your fellow man;
As far as it lies within you, be at peace if you can.
If we simply let go of pride and just get along,
“Let There Be Peace on Earth” would be more than a song.

Number nine is a positive attitude,
In your walk with Christ, this gives you latitude.
You’d surely go to a new spiritual level
And gain sweet victory over the devil.

Number eight, pay your tithe and give as the Spirit leads,
That would be an excellent gift indeed.
God wants to bless you, if you give and believe,
He’ll pour out a blessing you won’t have room enough to receive.

Number seven is your trust in Him for provision,
No more worry, just make a quality decision.
Believe that if you seek His Kingdom, and give Him first place,
You will have what you need as you run your race.

Number six involves your tongue; have a positive confession,
Stop giving the devil an avenue of oppression.
Say what God says and don’t waste your breath,
In your tongue is the power of life and death.

Number five is obedience; that’s how you show Him love.
It’s the express love language of our Master above.
Just move when the Spirit tells you to move it;
If you say that you love Him, then that’s how you’ll prove it.

Number four is thanksgiving for what He’s done,
For all of the victories and battles you’ve won.
Gratitude causes the heart of God to soar,
You must show appreciation if you want to receive more.

Number three is praise and worship for Who He is to you.
Praise from your lips would be like succulent fruit
To Jesus, the taste would be so very sweet,
If you’d worship the Lord, and bow down at His feet.

Number two is faith in His Word; just believe!
Your belief in His promises He’d love to receive.
For faith without works is utterly dead,
He needs you to act upon that which He said.

The number one gift that you can give to the Lord:
Simply give Him yourself, for you cannot afford
To hold back the matchless gift of your life;
Remember, He died for you; you were brought with a price.

Which gift do you plan to give to Jesus this Christmas season and in the coming  year?

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