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Recently, I had an embarrassing moment that God used to teach me several spiritual lessons. I don’t mind being open about my blunders and keeping it real if it will help someone.  So, I’d like to share  my experience, give you a laugh for the day, and also point out the lessons I learned.

I was trying to exit a parking garage after I had gone to the grand opening of an art gallery downtown. When I got to the booth where I was to present my ticket to the garage attendant, no one was there. The gate was down, and I sat there thinking perhaps the person had just stepped out for a moment.  Off to the side, I saw three policemen in front of the elevator. Moments later the fire department personnel arrived in their red truck with lights flashing. They got out of the truck and went to converse with the policemen. I began to get anxious. I really didn’t know what was going on.  Finally, an elderly lady in the car behind me got out of her car and helped me to see there was automated parking attendant available. The machine takes tickets, calculates the time the car was in the garage, receives the payment, and then opens the gate to allow the car to exit. I had never seen this before!  Until I was enlightened, I ended up blocking everyone from exiting the garage! After all of this transpired, I said to the Lord as I drove off, “God, I know You have a spiritual lesson for me in all of that. “ He gave me three lessons that are applicable to getting out of the difficult situations in which we may find ourselves:

There Is a Way of Escape

When the devil appears to have us trapped in a difficult circumstance, we do have a way out even if we can’t readily see it. God has promised in I Corinthians 10:13 that there will always be a solution for every negative situation that we are facing; there is always a way of escape. However, if you don’t know there is a way of escape, you won’t look for it. In the crazy scenario I cited above, the means to exit the garage was available to me, but I did not immediately see it.  Thank God, He sent that nice lady to help me to see how to get out of there.

Don’t Put God in a Box

We tend to look for what is familiar to us and visualize only what we can imagine. The Lord may have a way of escape that is totally different than you expect. Therefore, don’t put God in a box. Keep your mind open. God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above what you can ask, think or imagine (Ephesians 3:20). His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are not our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8).

Recognize and Dismiss Distractions

Distractions can thwart you spiritually. You simply can’t allow them to keep you from seeing what God wants you to do to get out of your difficult situation. The police and the fire department distracted me from seeing what I needed to do to “escape” from the garage.  Satan will always try to distract you and throw up smoke screens so that you can’t see your way out of your situation. However, if you will become adept at recognizing the distractions of the enemy, you can steer clear of them and keep your eyes focused on the Master.

So, Beloved, know that God has a way out of any difficult situation you face. It may be different than what you think, but if you have faith, God will be faithful to bring you out of whatever the devil has meant for evil in your life. Don’t allow the enemy to use distractions to keep you bound. Recognize and ignore them. Also, trust that, when necessary, He will send good people, like that nice lady that helped me with the ticket machine, to help to guide and direct you. In the end you will get the victory over every attack of the enemy.

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