Proverbs 18:14 (AMP) says, “The strong spirit of a man sustains him in bodily pain or trouble, but a weak and broken spirit who can raise up or bear?”  That tells me we have two choices when it comes to our spirits: we can either have a strong spirit or a weak spirit. The strong spirit will sustain you, but a weak spirit useless and good for nothing.

So how do we make sure our spirit stays strong? I recently heard Pastor George Pearson say that you keep your spirit strong the same way you keep your body strong: diet, rest and exercise. I love this analogy. I began to ponder on that statement, and the Spirit helped me to see how to use the discipline it takes to have a strong body to also maintain a strong spirit.


When it comes to keeping your body strong, you must make sure you are eating right. You know how the old saying goes, “You are what you eat.” Likewise, when it comes to keeping your spirit strong, you must intake the proper spiritual food.  Eating the proper spiritual food entails:

  1. Feeding on the Word of God daily as you spend time reading the Bible (Job 23:12).
  2. Controlling what goes into your eye and ear gates by monitoring what you watch on TV, DVD’s, books you read, and what you listen to on the radio and CD’s (Job 31:1).
  3. Controlling what you speak out of your mouth because what you speak goes into your ears and ultimately into your heart (Proverbs 18:21).


Rest is important if you want to maintain physical strength. However, it’s also important if you want to maintain a strong spirit. You can obtain the spiritual rest you need in the following ways:

  1. Remember the Sabbath and rest on one out of seven days (Exodus 20:8-11).
  2. Enter into the rest of God through faith and trust in God (Matthew 11:28-30, Hebrews 3:7-19).
  3. Wait in the presence of God on a daily basis by making sure you spend quality time with God (Isaiah 40:31).


Finally, if you want your body to stay strong, you must exercise. Similarly, to keep your spirit strong you must exercise as well.  You exercise your spirit every time you:

  1. Apply the principles of the Word to the situations you face daily (Psalm 128:1).
  2. Use your faith to believe God to receive what you need (Mark 11:23-24).
  3. Meditate on and Memorize scriptures (Psalm 119:11, Joshua 1:8).

Do you want a strong spirit? Then you must take the initiative to make it happen. You cannot be passive and expect good spiritual health to fall on you. It takes deliberate planning and effort. Only then will you be able to handle the difficult situations you face every day and still exhibit the fruit of the Spirit in your life. If you want to be sustained when you have bodily pain or trouble as God’s Word says in Proverbs 18:14, then by all means, make sure that you watch your spiritual diet, rest in God, and engage in spiritual calisthenics on a regular basis.

How do you keep your spirit strong? Leave a comment below.

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