Car key
I want to share something really comical that happened to me the other day. My mother’s battery in her car died. I tried to open the car with the remote and it would not work because there was no power to operate the lock. I walked away in frustration. I called a friend of mine, told him about the situation, and said, “I guess I’ll have to call a locksmith to get in the car.” He replied, “Do you have the key?” I fell out laughing because I did have the key! DUH! How embarrassing! In all the years we had that car, I had never used the key to get in there! I had totally missed the fact that the key would open the door! Wow. Go ahead and laugh. I had to laugh at myself. But  I know you have had a “senior” moment, too!

We Always Have What We Need At Our Disposal                                                              I always try to learn lessons from the things I go through. I asked God to show me the spiritual lessons in this. I began to ponder the whole situation and thought, how many times do we have obstacles thrown in our path and fail to recognize that we already have what we need to overcome them? For instance, when Moses and the Israelites were at the Red Sea, God told Moses, “What are you crying to me for? Lift up your rod and hold it out towards the sea.” As He did as God instructed, the sea opened. Just as Moses had what he needed at his disposal, I too had the key to open the car door in my hand, but didn’t recognize it. When we have an obstacle to overcome, God will never leave us without a way to overcome and be successful. We have the Word of God at our disposal. We only need to speak it out and decree what we want and it will be established for us (Job 22:28). We also have the privilege of being able to pray to a God Who is omnipotent, and He says the effective prayer of a righteous man or woman avails much (James 5:16).

I also came to the realization that this situation is analogous to how God will get us to our destination in spite of the difficulties we face along the way. Our Heavenly Father has a destination for each one of us, and He has a vehicle to take us there. These are the three things I took away from this humorous episode:

God Will Always Give Us a Way to Overcome the Devil’s Obstacles
Sometimes we are temporarily thwarted by the enemy on the road to our destiny. The devil will attempt to wear our internal battery down and cause weariness to set in. He will try put out the light within us and kill the power to unlock the vehicle so that we can’t have access. His job is to throw obstacles in our path.  But through the Word of God, we always have the key that will allow us to “get into the vehicle” and drive forward inspite of the devil’s attempts to stop us. He cannot defeat us because God always causes us to triumph in Christ Jesus (II Corinthians 2:14).

Friends Are a Necessity
Another problem I encountered during this episode was that even though I gained access to the vehicle, the battery was still dead. I called my friend, and he came over and connected a set of jumper cables from the battery in my car to the battery in my mother’s car.  In life, we need friends to come along side of us to help us to reach our destiny. They give us insight, they assist us in moving toward our goals, they help us to be all that we can be. No man is an island unto himself. We need to connect with people if we are ever to reach our God given destiny.

The Power of the Holy Spirit Is Essential
Finally, I needed power to flow to the battery in order for me to be able to drive the vehicle. When we first tried to jumpstart my mom’s car, the engine would not turn over at all. We let my car run a little while longer and revved the engine, and after a few minutes the car started up. If we are ever to be able to drive to our destiny, we must rely on the power of the Holy Spirit to energize and empower us for what we are called to do.  Jesus said He is the vine and we are the branches. Without Him we can do nothing. We will never be able to reach our destiny if we are not hooked up to the Power Source.

Hopefully, you were able to glean something from me sharing the humorous account of my “senior moment.” If so, then I don’t mind baring my soul. Just remember that God is taking you on a journey towards your destiny. He is available to help you to overcome any obstacle Satan puts in your path. He will also give you divine connections or friends who will link up with you and help you to fulfill your purpose. Finally, He has given you His Holy Spirit to provide the anointing and power you need to do His will. You are assured that you will have everything you need, and the devil will not be able to keep the plan of God from coming to fruition in your life. With God’s help you can drive forward toward your destiny.

What obstacles has the devil thrown in your path recently that you have overcome with the help of God? Please share by leaving a comment below. 

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