Gavel and law bookJohn 8:8 gives the account of a woman caught in adultery who was brought before Jesus. That passage is such a stark reminder for me as a Christian to avoid entering into pride and being judgmental. Before I judge others, I have to remember that I am not perfect, and as an imperfect person, I have no right to throw stones. When I judge another, that’s when I fail to see that the power Holy Spirit is the only difference between me and them. In other words, judgment is the by-product of pride. Judgment and pride go hand in hand. They are evil twins.

Therefore, my definition of pride, the precursor to judgment, is simply my feeble attempt to assume God’s role in my own life. If I have judged my brother or sister and look down on another, it’s because I erroneously believe that I am not doing what they are doing because of own self-effort and self-righteousness. Surely God is not pleased when I try to usurp His role. We all have probably had to repent in the past of trying to be our own “god” in any one or more of the following ways:

  1. Judging others even though we are imperfect in another area that may be different from their area of weakness.
  2. Attempting to run our own lives, manipulate circumstances, and make our own way.
  3. Trying to provide our own sense of righteousness apart from Jesus Christ through performing up to our own standards and attempting to please people.
  4. Failing to read the Word regularly and believing we can successfully navigate our day with nothing but our own wisdom and understanding.
  5. Not asking God for guidance or disregard God’s guidance and instructions and attempt to do what seems right to us.
  6. Being blind to our own vulnerabilities and deceived into seeing ourselves as invincible and beyond God’s reach in doling out consequences.
  7. Showing partiality to certain people based on our own unbiblical criteria.

The above examples of pride in our lives have to be checked. Are you in pride in any area of your life? Proverbs 8:10 says, “Pride goeth before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall.” Let’s pray and ask the Holy Spirit to give us the mind of Christ and to “check” us when we begin to view the daily situations we encounter with a judgmental, critical, prideful spirit.

What are your personal views on the subject of pride and judgment? Leave a comment below.

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