Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles

Are you a person of action? Saved people should be action-oriented. We should be in motion constantly. I am not saying that we should never take time to rest. I mean that we are called by God to perpetually take specific types of action. The following words are classified as Kingdom “action words.” These are ways that God requires us to take action and exemplify the following attributes in our lives on a daily basis:


The Bible says, “Faith without works is dead” (James 2:26). If we say that we believe the Word of God, then it follows that we must do what He instructs us to do. We must act as if we expect to receive what we are trusting God to give us and make the necessary preparations. Thus, faith will always require that we take action.


By its very definition, obedience requires action on our part. When God speaks we must move. Whatever God instructs us to do, we must do. Not only must we act, but we must fully carry out His instructions. Partial obedience which fails to implement the totality of God’s instructions is not obedience. Furthermore, if we fail to implement the instructions of God when he says to do them, we are still in disobedience. Therefore, true obedience requires complete and timely cooperation with the mandates of Almighty God.


The definition of compassion involves an emotional response which is coupled with a desire to help alleviate suffering in the lives of others. Therefore, compassion is more than a feeling. Compassion not only moves us emotionally, but we are compelled to move into action. Therefore, if you feel moved emotionally, but you do not make an effort to help a person who is suffering, you do not have compassion. You may have pity. You may have sympathy. You may have empathy. Compassion, however, will move you into action and you will meet the need at hand.


John 3:16 states, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish, but have everlasting life.” God showed His love by giving. Therefore, love is an action word that is not based on feelings. The God kind of love I am discussing here is called Agape, or unconditional love. When you love someone unconditionally, that means that you will be moved to meet their need, if and when God directs you to do so, no matter how you feel about the individual. You may not like or feel positively toward your friend, family or spouse. However, if you love a person and you see he or she has a need of some kind, you will help as the Spirit leads. Love is a choice to act in ways that will please God regardless of your will, your desires, or your emotional state.


In the Bible, we are commanded to forgive one another. Contrary to what you may have heard,  I believe that forgiveness is also an action, not a feeling. When we are wounded emotionally, we hurt until the Holy Spirit heals the emotional wound. He’s the healer. However, when we do what He tells us to do in reference to how we should treat our enemies, I believe the power is released to heal our hurts. In Matthew 5:44, we read that we must love, bless, pray for and do good to our enemies. If we make a quality decision to forgive as an act of our will in obedience to the Word of God and do what Jesus said to do, it does not matter how we feel emotionally. I believe the God counts that as forgiveness. Until the Holy Spirit heals the wound, the feelings will be there. Emotions are not to be used as a gauge to determine whether we have forgiven. Forgiveness is demonstrated by a conscious decision to forgive, a mental assent, where we align our will with the Father,  and the actions we take in obedience to His Word.

Therefore, I encourage you to take action today. Act like you believe God and make preparations for the manifestation of your blessing. Obey God. Show compassion. Love people. Forgive people by obeying the Word and responding to them as God would have you to respond. That’s how you demonstrate salvation in action.

Which one of these action words have you had to demonstrate most recently? Leave a comment below.


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