Image courtesy of digidreamgrafix

Image courtesy of digidreamgrafix

I am so glad that Jesus came to this earth to die for our sins. We’d be on our way to hell if He had not made the sacrifice to lower Himself to our level and take our punishment. I have heard it said it’s like a human being being willing to become an ant and live in an ant colony. That’s incredible.  I know that I couldn’t imagine doing becoming an ant and dying for any one of them. I have a strong dislike for insects. But Jesus became one of us, experienced all the types of temptation that we would experience, and allowed Himself to be beaten and murdered, all for love.

In the song Mary Did You Know? when Mary kissed Jesus, the song asks did she know “she had kissed the face of God?” I received a Christmas card with a reproduction of a painting where a Jewish woman who represents Mary is kissing the face of baby Jesus. When I saw the picture, it moved me. It made me realize When our Savior came to earth, He was a helpless baby. He had to have his diaper changed. He had to to be nursed. He had to be held and cuddled. He bonded with Mary, His mother. Mary and Joseph had to meet His every need.

The fascinating thing is that He allowed Himself to be put in that position so that He could identify with us. He knows what it’s like to be a helpless human being, and He empathizes with us. I thank God that when I come to Jesus with my concerns, that He can identify with my struggles, whether it be facing rejection and persecution, not being understood by others, or simply being in a position of helplessness.

In my Christmas poem below entitled, “She Kissed the Face of God,” I relay my thoughts about how Jesus must have felt as a helpless little babe. I hope that it will bless you and serve as a reminder to keep Christ at the center of your Christmas. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a Happy New Year!


When Jesus came to earth as a babe,

Care and love He would receive

From His parents, Joseph and Mary,

God assigned them to meet His needs.

Mary changed His diapers and nursed Him,

Much affection and love she gave

To her Son who was her pride and joy,

In the future, her life He would save.

Although He was just a baby,

He was still the King of kings.

He helplessly lay in a manger,

Yet He created everything.

Baby Jesus cried, Mary wiped His tears,

And she kissed His sweet little face.

At that moment she’d kissed the face of God,

And He relished her warm embrace.

As she held Him closely to her heart,

She desired to protect Him from

All of the trouble of this dark world,

But trouble would surely come.

She loved Jesus very dearly,

But one day her heart would break

While watching her baby suffer and die

On a cross for mankind’s sake.

For that babe is the Savior of the world,

His Name is above every name.

Let us not forget the price that He paid

To save us from sin and shame.

This Christmas, please do remember,

As you go about your merry way,

To make Jesus the center as you celebrate

After all, it is His birthday.

By Tracey L. Moore © 2011

What Christmas traditions do you practice to help you to keep Christ in the center of your Christmas holiday? Leave a reply below.


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