Image courtesy of cooldesign".

Image courtesy of cooldesign”.

Unfortunately, I have high blood pressure. I have tried everything to normalize my pressure readings without meds.  I read that some people have had success by going to a chiropractor and having their spines adjusted.  It sounds far-fetched, but at this point I am willing to try anything. Therefore, as a last resort I am now seeing a chiropractor, Dr. Robinson of Wards Corner Chiropractic, who says he has treated patients who started out with high blood pressure and they no longer have hypertension.

The Problem: “Subluxations” of the Mind

I went in for my consultation after having my initial x-rays taken. The doctor explained to me that “subluxations” or misalignment of the bones in the spine can cause pressure on the nerves leading to certain organs of the body and cause them to function improperly. Chiropractic care is about consistently using gentle pressure to make “adjustments” to the bones of the spine and force them back into alignment.

The other day I was reading Isaiah 26:3 which relays, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee because he trusteth in thee.” I like to think we keep our minds on God by keeping our minds aligned with the Word of God. That means that we must meditate on the Word.  In doing so, we maintain perfect peace. However, if we allow our minds to get out of alignment with the Word of God, and we have “subluxations” of the mind, we lose our peace. When we lose our peace, we are unable to hear from Gold, then we become spiritually disoriented and our lives don’t function properly.

The Solution: Mental “Adjustments”

The bones of our spines need an “adjustment” when they are out of alignment. When the nerves are free of pressure from the bones, then the body can heal itself. Likewise, when our minds go “out of alignment” and we start to lose our focus on God, we need a mental “adjustment.” We need to gently force our mind to get its focus back on God and His promises, then we will regain our peace.  Through proper focus on the Word, we also can obtain healing for our souls and bodies.

Eventually with regular spinal adjustments, the bones of the spine slowly start to maintain their configuration and are less likely to move out of place. In the same manner, if we learn how to regularly adjust our minds and keep them stayed on God, we begin to be able to stay focused on God for longer stretches of time without getting distracted by people, circumstances, and Satan’s ploys. Thus, the periods of time when we lose our focus will lessen in frequency.

Therefore, we need to make sure we address the “subluxations” of our minds moment by moment and stay focused on God. If we are successful in keeping our minds “aligned” we will continuously think on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, and of a good report as the Apostle Paul instructs in Philippians 4:8.Thus, whenever you lose your peace or find yourself full of fear and anxiety, be determined to make the necessary mental “adjustments,” and pull your mind back into alignment with God’s Word. Keeping your mind stayed on Him will make all the difference.

What do you do to help keep your mind to “aligned”? Leave a Comment below.


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