Image courtesy of Ambro

Image courtesy of Ambro

I recently  watched The 700 Club and there was a segment on the program regarding working moms vs. stay-at-home moms. The comment was made that whether moms stay at home or go to work, both categories of women feel some measure of guilt.  In other words, those women are in between the proverbial rock and a hard place. I know that I don’t have children, and I can’t begin to truly understand the pressures that come with the one of the most important jobs in the world. However, I do know that the Bible states there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. Therefore, when guilt and condemnation are present, that’s a dead giveaway that Satan has reared his ugly head.

What Did God Say?

The truth of the matter is that each family situation is different. From a spiritual standpoint, when it comes to staying at home or going to work, the question is, what did God say? If God told you to stay home and raise warriors for the Kingdom, then you should stay home without reservation, guilt or condemnation and expect Him to provide for your family’s needs. If God told you to go to work because He wants to use your gifts, talents and skills to impact the world in some profound way that you cannot if you stay home, then by all means, go to work. Do the best you can to care for your family, and don’t let the devil beat you down with guilt and condemnation. It is NOT God’s will to tell you to do something and then have you to live in guilt and condemnation while you carry out His instructions. That is the enemy’s way of keeping you spiritually off balance. In either situation, once you make your decision to go to work or stay at home based on God’s directive, you must trust Him to make everything turn out alright as you strive to give your best effort on a day to day basis.

The Stay-At-Home Mom’s Perspective

On the 700 club segment, I learned that stay-at-home moms may sometimes feel guilty about not contributing financially to the household. Maybe things are tight financially, and they feel if they were out working, their husbands wouldn’t have to work so hard. Maybe they feel that they have so much to get done as a stay at home mom, and they may feel guilty if they don’t get as many things done during the day as they would like. After all, being a stay at home mom is a massive full time job, and dependence on God is key. If you are giving Him your best, then expect Him to kick in with His supernatural power to make the difference in the areas where you feel you are insufficient.

The Working Mom’s Perspective

I also learned from the television segment that working moms feel guilty about not spending enough time with their children. They may not be able to make every ball game or every recital because their schedules will not permit it. They may feel that they aren’t able to manage their homes as efficiently and effectively as they would like. However, again, the key is dependence on God. You are only one person. Do your best, and then depend on the Holy Spirit to give you wisdom, witty ideas, and supernatural ability to do whatever you need to do in Christ to make it all work. Also, realize that God is able to bless your children and help them to turn out OK if you will make it your business to encourage them to have an intimate personal relationship with Him.

Condemn Condemnation

Whether you work or stay at home, if guilt and condemnation are plaguing you, you must cut yourself some slack in Jesus name. You must not condemn yourself, and you must reject the temptation to receive condemnation from others. If you want to condemn something, condemn the devil’s condemnation! Condemnation never makes you perform any better anyway. Being gentle with yourself and talking to yourself like you would talk to any one of your girlfriends is the best way to motivate yourself and protect your self-esteem in the process. You must be your own best friend and always be on your own side.  If you don’t learn to admit and accept your imperfections and weaknesses, ask God to fill in the gaps, and trust Him to do it, the devil will continue to keep you trapped in a cycle of guilt and condemnation.

What you must come to grips with is that you will never be the perfect mom whether you stay at home or go to work. Therefore, you must do the best you know how and depend on God to take up your slack. Most importantly, you must refuse to live in condemnation. That’s not healthy for you or your family.

If you have children, Is staying at home or going to work a struggle? How do you feel about the topic? Dad’s feel free to weigh in also. Leave your comment below.


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