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All of us have experienced rejection at some time in our lives, and it’s not a good feeling. It can be devastating. The devil knows this, and very often he uses it as a tool to attempt to keep us from reaching our potential in Christ. If he can make us think that we are worth less than we are, then he can convince us we don’t deserve any of the blessings that God has for us. We lose faith and hope, and then we are unable to fulfill our destiny. We have to view rejection from another prospective. Let’s face it, it’s not fun, but rejection has several benefits:


In Luke 6:22-23, Jesus said, “Blessed are ye, when men shall hate you, and when they shall separate you from their company, and shall reproach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the Son of man’s sake. Rejoice in that day, and leap for joy: for, behold, your reward is great in heaven…” Therefore, rejection is a sign that you are a genuine citizen of the Kingdom. When Jesus spoke of your reward in Heaven, He was giving confirmation of your salvation. Thus, you should rejoice when you are rejected because it authenticates your election into the Kingdom and validates that you are on your way to Heaven


Sometimes when God allows you to be rejected, it’s to protect you from someone. You may not know it, but maybe if you stayed in relationship with that person, perhaps you would end up sinning against God. Perhaps that person would end up harming you physically or spiritually. Perhaps you would end up being deceived or getting your heart broken. Perhaps the person would somehow take away from your life versus add to your life. God sees the big picture. We can only see a small piece of the puzzle. Father always knows best.


Rejection can some times send you reeling, but it will cause you to reflect on your issues. In order for the Holy Spirit to speak to you and teach you what you need to know, it’s necessary for you to sit down, get quiet, and reflect. When you come out of a period of reflection and seeking the Holy Spirit about the truth you need to know in the situation, God will give you revelation, and you will become more spiritually mature and aware.


Bishop T.D. Jakes said that rejection sometimes is for the purpose of giving you direction. When one door closes, that will cause you to move toward another door that will open. When you face rejection, look for another door of opportunity to manifest. Maybe you would miss another person that God wanted you to fellowship with. Whatever the case may be, when you are rejected, expect God to give you direction via the rejection. He wants to show you a different path than the one you are traveling on at the moment.

So you see, rejection has its benefits. Every coin has two sides, and the same is true about rejection. Which side will you view? Ask yourself this question: Why is it that when you can take someone’s actions one of two ways, you choose to gravitate toward the explanation that will absolutely destroy your self-esteem and self-worth? What you need to do is reject rejection by choosing the option that will put you in the best light, lines up with God’s Word, and will keep you out of condemnation. If you will view rejection with the proper perspective, then it will not be able to hurt you.

What lessons have you learned in life about rejection? Please leave a comment below.

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