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The New Year is just around the corner, and normally we make New Year’s resolutions about things we want to do differently in our lives. We make a vow to break our bad habits and do what we know will be good for us, but not necessarily good to us. What usually happens is that we will change for a month or so (sometimes a week or a day), and then go back to our same old bad behaviors. Sound familiar?

This year, how about doing something a little different? Instead of making a New Year’s resolution, make a “New Year’s petition.” What does making a New Year’s petition involve?

  1. Instead of making a declaration of what I am going to do and then try to accomplish it through my own will power, I ask God to change me. Period.
  2. After I ask God to change me, I listen for His instructions as to what He wants me to do in order to facilitate this change. I ask Him, “Lord, what is my part in this?” I then wait for a divine strategy that will be guaranteed to work.
  3. I search the scriptures about the particular issue I am dealing with and continue to study in this area until I get a breakthrough.
  4. I wait for the power of the Holy Spirit to make the difference and give God the praise when I see change in my life.

Notice that none of this entails trying my best, failing, feeling a bunch of condemnation, telling God I’m sorry over and over, and repeating the cycle. Instead, I pray, I pour in the Word and let the power of God change me effortlessly, depending on the grace and mercy of God until He finally sets me free. If I fail, I repent, ask for forgiveness, and ask God to help me once again. I get up, I move on and keep leaning on Christ until I get the victory.

I know this concept may seem foreign, but Jesus said in John 15:5, “Without me ye can do nothing.” That means that trying to change in your own strength will produce nothing but frustration. Your own works apart from Christ’s assistance are what’s called “works of the flesh.” It’s a waste of time and effort. Only the power of God will suffice if you want to successfully change your behavior for the long term in the coming year. Therefore, make your New Year’s Petition to God, and trust and believe victory will indeed be yours.

What is your New Year’s petition for the coming year? Please leave a comment below.

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

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