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Do you find it hard to believe God when you encounter a new situation? It’s easy to believe God when you have been through something, and then the same situation comes up again. But what about when you are facing something that you have never faced before? It’s sometimes harder to muster up faith for something of that nature.

I just finished reading Jennifer’s LeClaire’s book, Doubtless: Faith that Overcomes the World. It was really a blessing to me. She talks about the difficulty of believing God in the face of circumstances we have not experienced. She highlighted God’s ability to move in power, even if it’s in a way we have not seen before. That thought was eye-opening for me.

Abraham and Sarah’s “New” Situation

I considered Abraham for example. He and Sarah were so old that it was very unlikely that they would ever have a baby based on the circumstances that were present at the time. Yet, he believed God anyway. In Hebrews, he kept hope alive even though he had absolutely no reason to do so. It had never been documented that God gave a couple a baby under extremely adverse circumstances. To our knowledge, that was the first time that had ever happened. If he wanted to see Isaac, Abraham had to believe God even though he had never experienced God’s power in that way before, nor had he heard about anyone else getting their breakthrough in that area. At least Hannah in I Samuel could look to Abraham and Sarah’s situation to fuel her faith. Isaac and Rebecca could do the same. But the elderly couple had nothing on which to hang their faith. They simply had to believe. Because of the patriarch’s great faith, he received the promise of his son, Isaac, and he ended up being mentioned in the “Faith Hall of Fame” in Chapter 11 of Hebrews.

God Can Move in New Ways

In the same way, just because we have never seen God move in a certain way in our lives, doesn’t mean He is unable to intervene on our behalf. Do you believe in His omnipotence? If the answer is yes, then you must believe He has the ability to move in ways you have never seen. Your lack of experience in no way limits His power. Either God is omnipotent, or He’s not. Therefore it is not necessary for you to have to see Him perform an act previously.  If you have to see something before you will believe it, then it’s no longer faith anyway.

God’s Power Can and Will Get the Job Done

Ephesians 3:20 relays, “[God] is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that worketh in us.” That pretty much covers it all. It doesn’t matter if we have been through a particular circumstance or not. His power is limitless, and that means it’s sufficient to handle any situation that arises in our lives. Period. So the next time a brand new problem arises, one that you have not seen previously, make a quality decision and believe that God is indeed powerful enough to help you overcome it. There is no need to doubt that anymore. Just because you have not seen Him operate in what, for you, seems like uncharted waters, doesn’t mean that He won’t come through for you. Only believe.

Have you seen God move in an area that is brand new for you? Leave a comment below and tell us about it.                             

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