Veggie Tales Pic
Photo by Praisaeng

I’ve got a secret. I must confess. I’m an adult, and I love Veggie Tales! My five year-old nephew introduced me to the cartoon where animated vegetables jump around and teach bibilical truths on a child’s level. Why did they have a Veggie Tales marathon on the Trinity Broadcasting Network on Saturday when I had other stuff I should have been doing!? Of course I had to sit there and watch episode after episode. It was grrreat!

The shows that were aired portrayed such good lessons. I am embarrassed to say this, but one show had me crying. It really touched my heart. I felt the presence of God in the room with me, and I was being ministered to through a kid’s program! I don’t know if there are any other adults that are closet Veggie Tales lovers, but did you see the show about the “Snoodles”? One of the things I loved about it was that the story was told in rhyme. Since I am a poet myself, that in itself caught my attention.

But anyway, the story involved a little “Snoodle” boy who was born with wings and a gift to be artist. He couldn’t fly yet, but he believed that he was a good artist who could paint well. When he showed his wings and his painting skills to those around him, they ridiculed him for his inability to fly and said he had no talent as an artist. They painted pictures that were better than his to show off their skills. Then they put them in the little Snoodle’s backpack to remind him of how inferior he was to all of them. He walked away discouraged, seeking to find a place to be alone and encountered a farmer who said something to him to put him down, painted a negative picture, and put it in his backpack. Finally, as he sought to find a place to isolate himself, he encountered an adult (a representation of God the Father), the One who created him, Who took all of the negative pictures out of his backpack that were weighing him down and replaced it with a positive picture which had the image of how his Creator saw him. His load in his backpack was lightened and he began to be able to fly.

The moral of the story is that we can’t allow others to tell us who we are. We can’t develop our identities based on what others tell us. If we do, we will be weighed down. Once we finally get a true picture of who we really are and were created to be in Christ, we will be able to soar and reach our destiny. Also, the only way to get free off all the negative pictures in our “backpacks” is to spend time alone with the Father.

Wow. I said to myself, “What if I had that message when I was a little kid? Where would I be now?” I just pray that every child (and adult) who watched that episode was able to internalize that powerful message. When we are able to grasp that truth, then and only then, will we be able to glorify God with our lives and reach our potential in Christ.

Do you have a kid’s programs that you like? If so, what do you like about that program? Leave a comment below.

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