Photo by Marin

Photo by Marin

Yesterday, I was in Discover Life Bookstore, and I picked up and read a book by Michelle McKinney Hammond. She wrote about a time when she was down and out financially, and how God sustained her during that difficult time. Because God brought her through, she says she now has no doubt that God is a provider and that she can trust Him to meet her needs no matter what the situation looks like. That experience was a defining moment in her life.

Tears welled up in my eyes in the middle of the store as I read it because I had been struggling with that issue in my own life. I wanted so badly to be able to believe God, and settle it in my mind that He will take care of me no matter what I see in the natural. I had been worrying about whether God would provide for me. Sometimes, I don’t even understand myself. God is faithful, yet my faith falters.

I asked God why He had me read that passage from Michelle’s book. Is it possible for me to get to where she is in her faith, to draw spiritual strength from her testimony right now in the midst of my own trial? Can I glean faith from her situation right now? Can I learn vicariously from her situation that she went through? How was I to use the information I read?

After pondering on the answers to those questions, I’ve come to the conclusion if I want to enter the rest of God, I have to make up in my mind that I will believe God, I will trust God, and I will enter into the rest of God, or die trying. In spite of the enemy’s attempt to keep me out of it, God’s Word says we must labor to enter into His rest. But what does that labor look like?

•Read scriptures about trusting God and the faithfulness of God.
•Speak out the Word of God in anxiety producing situations.
•Prophesy to your future and say, “I believe God.” “I trust God.” “I have entered the rest of God.” Do this even if you don’t feel it’s true right now.
•Remember what God has done for you in the past and rehearse it often.
•If you are facing a situation you have not encountered before, use someone else’s testimony, including the saints of the Bible, to help you recognize this may be a different situation for you, but He’s the same powerful God.

If you do these things, the devil will not continue to steal your peace and bar you from entering into the rest of God. Rest is your birthright as a child of God.

From this day forward, let it be settled in your mind and heart that God is trustworthy. He is the most dependable person in the Universe even if He can’t be seen with the naked eye. He will provide for you. Don’t worry about the future, for God has secured it. He is Jehovah Jireh, and He will take care of you. Trust Him and believe as if your life depended upon it because, in reality, it really does.

What are your thoughts about entering the rest of God? Leave a comment below.

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