I just wanted to wish all the fathers out there a Happy Father’s Day! Dad’s are important people. My dad, Dr. Joseph Moore, who is in heaven now–God rest his soul–passed away on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday back in 2007. I was reflecting on three of the things I learned from my dad that stick out in my mind:

1. He taught me the value of a dollar. He was very good with money. Dad was “old school” and stayed out of debt because he didn’t believe in it. He was a good provider. He made sure we had what we needed and prepared for my mother to be cared for even after he went on to be with the Lord.

2. He taught me the value of an education. He got his education later in life, but he wanted to set he example for his kids. He said he didn’t want to ask us to do anything he wasn’t willing to do. He ended up getting a doctorate and affected many students’ lives as he taught Technology Classes at Norfolk State University for almost 20 years.

3. He taught me to never give up no matter how bad it looks. I wanted to leave Virginia Tech when my grades went down unexpectedly, and he told me, “You don’t leave school for things like this! If you go down, you go down swinging!” I fought hard, stuck it out, and I was able to bring my grades up from failing to a “C” that semester. Not my best, but I didn’t fail. I learned a valuable life lesson by hanging in there and seeing the situation through to the end.

So if your dad is still living, please make sure you honor him on June 16th. Even if he wasn’t all he should be, God tells us to honor our parents anyway, and He will bless us with long life. And by all means, don’t forget to wish our Heavenly Father a hearty Happy Father’s Day. After all, He is THE best Daddy in the whole world!

What made your dad special to you? I would love for you to share your good memories. Please leave a comment below.

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