Yesterday, I sat down and talked with Dwaine Wilson, host of the Dwaine Wilson Morning Show on 1270 AM in Hampton Roads. He also happens to be a real estate agent who loves what he does and is very passionate about selling homes. When the conversation led to us talking about the real estate business, he told me he engages in “prospecting,” which is making phone calls to people he has never met for the purpose of getting leads. He relayed that the reason many people are not willing to prospect in this manner is because they don’t like rejection.

Getting Over the Fear of Rejection
Immediately, my thoughts began to drift toward how I feel about witnessing. I am just going to be transparent. I don’t like witnessing because I don’t like rejection, but I know Jesus commanded us to do it, and people need the Lord. So I listened intently to this brother, thinking I could possibly get a “nugget”, to see how I could relate his perspective on prospecting to witnessing to people about the Gospel. I then asked him how he got over the fear of rejection, and he gave me these three important points to ponder:

1. Admit you are afraid of rejection. He said you have to identify that you have fear so you can address it and overcome that obstacle. Likewise, you must acknowledge, confront, and be determined to overcome your fear of rejection if you will ever be able to witness to the masses.

2. Change your mindset. Dwaine says he doesn’t anticipate rejection because he only calls the people who somehow have indicated they want to sell their homes. He automatically assumes they want and need his services. He doesn’t believe he will be rejected when he calls. Therefore, he calls often and doesn’t hesitate. In his mind, his chances for being rejected are minimized because He is going after people he perceives have a need. Likewise, we must not automatically believe that people don’t want to buy our product, Jesus. We must believe that they need Him, and once introduced to Who He is, they will want Him as well.

3. Use a script. This realtor has certain things that he always says to potential clients whenever he makes calls. What would happen if we adopted a tried and true script to use when sharing the gospel? What if we deliberately thought about our approach and used that method often? What if we use someone else’s method that has been successful? That would give us much more confidence. The “Romans Road” where we show unbelievers five scriptures in the book of Romans (3:23, 6:23,10:9-10, 10:4. and 10:13) in succession to lead them to Christ is probably a good script to start with.

Changing Your Perspective on Rejection is Key
I feel the most important lesson I learned in the conversation was my need to deal with the way I view rejection. If you believe you will be rejected, chances are you will be because Jesus said in Matthew 9:29, “According to your faith be it unto you.” So on one hand, start believing that the message you carry will be well received. That will take some of the dread out of witnessing. What if we believed that people would automatically accept Jesus when we approach them? We probably would witness more.

On the other hand, let’s start to see ourselves as a part of the process of getting them to say yes. If we do, we may be less afraid of rejection because rejection becomes a part of the process. It’s really all about planting and watering seeds. Most people don’t accept the Gospel when they hear it the first time. Even in advertising, they say you have to be exposed to the product multiple times before you buy. So our mindset should be that we must expose them to Jesus through our words and lifestyle. It’s really not about getting a commitment to follow Christ right then and there. It’s about allowing ourselves to be used as a part of the process of exposing people to the Gospel until they finally surrender. With that being said, let’s go out and share Christ with others so they can come to the point where they are assured of eternal life and experience the benefits of God’s friendship.

What strategies have you used to successfully share your faith? I would love to pick your brain. Please leave a comment below.

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