As some of you may know, I normally attend an event each Sunday from 3:00-4:00 PM called Life Tree Cafe. Life Tree Cafe is a community outreach program sponsored by Point Harbor Community Church in Chesapeake, Virginia, and it has been a real blessing to me. Specifically, it is a Christian conversation cafe located at Afton Place, 86 Afton Parkway, in the Craddock section of Portsmouth, Virginia where we get together, watch short video clips, have rich group discussions about the videos and topics that are pertinent to life and the Christian faith.

The administrators of the program have now allowed me to become a facilitator once per month for Life Tree, and I will be facilitating my first session this coming Sunday, April 21st at 3PM. The topic will be “How to Spot a Liar.” When I saw the topic I was assigned, I got excited! It’s all about strategies for helping you to determine if someone is lying to you and also about how lying affects our personal relationships and the body of Christ. I know this is short notice, but I would love for you to come out and join me. Who knows? You may like it so much that you’ll get hooked like I did. :o) There will also be light snacks available.

After the Cafe, I will be having my book launch and first book signing from 4:00-5:00 pm. I will be giving door prizes in a random drawing, and this will be the day that I will be drawing names to give away copies of my book for those who have signed up for the online contest on my website. For each book I sell at this event, I will donate a percentage of the profits to Point Harbor Community Church outreach program that sponsors the Life Tree Cafe and the Help and Emergency Response Battered Women’s Shelter in Portsmouth, Virginia. So if you purchase a book, you will be helping to impact the community as well. Come on out and join us. I look forward to seeing you there.

If you can join us please leave a comment below.

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