There are many things in our world that we cannot see with the naked eye, but we know that they exist. Consider these:

  • We can not see ultraviolet rays, yet we know that they do exist because we see people get sunburn at the beach in the summer time.
  • The wind cannot be seen, but we have seen its effects when trees are blown over and roofs of houses are blown off during the many hurricanes that come ashore in the US on an annual basis.
  • Radio and television waves are invisible, yet we know they exist when we hear our radio playing or watch TV. 
  • Bacteria cannot be seen without a microscope, yet even though we can’t see it, we know that it is real because people have been sickened and even killed by microbes.
  • Radiation is undetectable by the human eye, but we know that it exists because of apparatus that can pick up radioactivity. When we have been exposed to radiation, radiation sickness and possible future cell mutation is the result.

These are real-life examples that remind us that just because we cannot see something, does not mean that it does not exist. We may not be able to see it, but we often experience the impact of what is invisible. That being said, if invisibility does not invalidate existence, why do people find it so hard to believe in the reality of a robustly active spiritual realm just because they cannot see it? God, angels, and even demonic forces are real even though unseen. They impact our lives whether we believe that they exist or not.

God allowed us to experience His reality when He saved us and transformed us. Thus, His fingerprint is on our lives, although we can’t see Him. He validates His own existence by the display of His power in our world. When His angels hearken to His voice to intervene on our behalf to keep us from hurt, harm, and danger or assist us in seemingly impossible situations, they are invisible, but their effect in our lives is very visible.

Therefore, when we have trouble believing that the invisible spiritual realm really exists, that God will intervene on our behalf because we can’t see Him, or that our situation will ever be resolved because we can’t see an end in sight, let’s remember that we watch TV everyday.  Think about the trees that blew over in our neighborhood during the last hurricane;  Let’s recall the sunburn we got at the beach, and the time we got sick when we ate food that wasn’t handled properly. The inability to see certain things with our natural eyesight is no reason to believe in  the non-existence of the spiritual realm and it’s potential impact. We must recognize that the invisible heavenly realm is more real than anything that we will ever see, hear, taste, touch,or smell.

In what ways has God made Himself visible in your life lately?

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