In his book, Put Your Dream to the Test, John Maxwell writes that “putting a stake in the game” is important for any endeavor that we will ever attempt.  That means something of value must be invested. He relays, “Anytime that happens, a person’s level of commitment goes way up.  Why? Because if you own something, you must give it energy, money, time and commitment.  When you have a stake in the game, you no longer have an easy come, easy go, attitude about it.  You are invested in it.”  (p. 9)

Jesus definitely has a “stake in the game” when it comes to our lives. He gave up His very life to save us, and He has made the ultimate investment.  Therefore, we can be assured that He will take care of what’s His.  He will invest time and resources to make His dream come true.  That dream is that we become like Him.  Thus, because His stake is so huge in the game, He will not give up on us.  He will do whatever is necessary to get us to the place we need to be in Him.   “He who began a good work in [us] will carry it on to completion:  (Philippians 1:6 (NIV))

Since Jesus has made such an expensive investment in us, that should motivate us to want to become all that we can be.  We should thank Him for the price that He paid by giving Him our best effort.   We owe HIm our life and our love. Thus, the sacrifice of His life should cause us to desire in our hearts to avoid disappointing Him at all costs and do everything that we can to make our Savior proud.  He deserves no less.

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